Hello! Thank you for meeting me here. My name is Gia, and I work to decolonize wellness, and aim to co-create a healthier world. There are many important factors in health creation and wellness design, including social justice, climate justice, and food access. I am interested in fostering a more equitable world, in building capacity for myself and others, so that we can shift the culture.

My trainings, which I continue to pursue, include:

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Gut Health Specialist
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (Trauma-informed)
  • Power of Awareness (UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center)
  • MS Human Clinical Nutrition (in progress)
  • Embodied and Somatic Healing (ongoing education)
  • Equity + Justice (Summer Learning at American University)
  • Breathwork Coach
  • Mindfulness for Children

Based in the DC metro area, I serve clients locally, throughout the USA, and the world (thanks to the power of zoom). I predominantly work with corporations in stress management, and spend much of my time serving marginalized communities, children, and schools to enhance resilience using a trauma-sensitive approach. I see private clients and groups, collaborating with my clients to build bespoke wellness plans that honor their needs.

I have lineage and ancestral roots in ancient India and ancient Egypt, and grew up with Ayurveda, yoga,  and meditation. Meditation is a pathway to decolonizing the mind and habit patterns that we internalize through life. I am invested in working with people to address unconscious habits and biases. My core values have always been about connecting people and fostering community.

I adore working with children and youth, and as a mother of two, I work with my own children and others within the community to teach mindful-based tools and practices to help ease anxiety, cultivate empathy, and build resilience. As a survivor of childhood abuse myself, I experience complex trauma. Naming the systems at play, and understanding the context of how are children experience and metabolize life is imperative to be able to move closer to a kinder and more just society.

I am also deeply passionate and influenced by the intelligence and power of plants, nature, and earth, educating clients on the medicinal and transformative value of a plant-rich diet. Not adhering to the principals of any one dietary theory, I firmly believe in biological individuality, knowing that each person has their own needs, which evolve as they grow. It is widely accepted in all areas of nutritional and medical research that a diet mostly made up of plants is the best plan of action for all humans, due to their medicinal value, high vitamin and mineral content, and nutrient density.  Living in oppressive systems that ask us to overproduce and under rest, systems that deny access to fresh food, and the harmful food and climate policies at play have made it challenging to know your own body’s needs.

Before coaching, I lived and worked throughout the Middle East as a writer, reporter, and copy editor, and working with refugees in camps through the region.

I would love to get to know you more. Contact me to connect – I am so looking forward to it.